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Bravisimo keeps me in place!

Loving my bravisimo tango bras as always keeping my boobs in place and comfy giving me the confidants to run and play at the park with my 3 year old granddaughter Millie

by Laura kearsey

Inspiring Stories


An old knee injury had me put on weight and hobbling; since my op in Feb I'm fairly addicted to the gym. Have lost over 4st, had to replace my whole wardrobe twice, and made some great friends there. All, of course, helped by having the proper support to jump around the place without giving myself a black eye!

by Suzie Rush

Inspiring Stories

Feeling amazing and girly

I truly wish I was a girl, when I came to your store for a bra fit was amazingly respected. Also when trying on the bras and once I get the perfect fit I felt so comfortable and girly! Thank you :)

by David

Inspiring Stories

Being free, being me.

For too many years I worried about what people thought of me. What I looked liked, what I did, where I came from. Then after a health scare I realised that life is too short to worry. So I now embrace every moment of every day. If I feel good and happy then so be it. Don't let other people rule your life. Live it to the max and be #AmazingYou.

by Diane Wareing

Inspiring Stories

Loving me for me..after so long!

I am only 24 but severely lopsided and had an appointment booked by oncology with a plastic surgeon in Hereford. On the same day I decided to visit your Cheltenham branch as I was desperate to look as good as I could for my wedding and honeymoon in 10 days time. I was blown away by your staff and can't stop looking at my bra and new bikinis, all 6 of them! I feel amazing and never thought that possible so thank you so much. You will never know quite how much you have done for me. Won't ever shop anywhere else. I finally feel confident , even though I haven't yet had the opportunity to surgically improve my situation. The staff there are such a credit. I will be seeing you again very soon x

by Hannah Tooth

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